Creating a Safe Massage

Creating a Safe Massage

We engaged an Infectious Disease Expert in our quest…

….to provide our valued clients and staff with the most effective sanitation procedures possible. Many people are asking “is massage safe right now?” The answer is, that it can be. We have used state, local and CDC guidelines to inform our safety policies. Below is what to expect, it is our goal to ensure that you feel comfortable in receiving your much-needed stress relief and relaxation services.

Current Massage Safety Protocols

Medical grade disinfectant – We have added to our sanitation and cleaning protocols hospital grade cleaner. This medical grade disinfectant will be used in addition to our other sanitizing products. Before and after every client surfaces will be wiped down.

UV Lights – We will be using a UV light to disinfect the rooms in addition to the regular sanitizing with cleaners. The UV light will sanitize fabric, carpet, and everything in the room. Read briefly about the science below, please note that UV light cannot be used on skin, the rooms are closed off as direct UV light can harm people, pets and plants. UV lights have been used for decades in hospitals and operating rooms. Interested in learning more about UV light disinfecting?  Click Here

Daily Health & Temperature Checks – our normal practice has always been to require that staff stay home when not feeling well and in addition to this we will have temperature checks at the beginning of each shift. If your service provider does go home ill, we wanted to let you know we are a team-based company and we encourage you to try another recommended service provider or you can reschedule with yours.

Social Distancing – A minimal number of clients will be in the lobby at the same time and we will be staggering our appointment times to accommodate your schedule and the sanitizing necessary between services. If you wish to wait in your car please call us when you arrive and your therapist will be out to bring you in.

Essential practices – We’ve re-trained our staff on essential hand hygiene practices.

Linens – Our usual practice is that they are laundered and disinfected after each service.

Facial Coverings – We’ve acquired appropriate personal protective equipment to be used.

Gloves – available upon request if you prefer your service provider to wear them just let us know!

What we would like from you….

  • If you are feeling unwell please let us know so that we can reschedule your appointment, there will be no cancellation charges until further notice. No persons exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness will be permitted in our studios.
  • Please arrive on time, with these new, but temporary, procedures in place we will need to manage the schedule even more effectively so that everyone receives their time.
  • Breathe, relax and take some time to refresh yourself during this stressful time while receiving a massage, spa experience or facial.

A Special Thanks

We thank you for your support both prior to this and during these difficult times. We really appreciate all of your patience while we navigate and make adjustments to our policies & practices. If you see anything that could make you more comfortable during your services, please let us know.

We are honored to have you as our loyal clients.