Charlotte Pryor Testimonial

God, Haeleigh [at Wrightstown] is outstanding!!! She found problem areas I didn’t know that I had! Have made several more appointments with her. She liked that I was a ‘challenge’. Great massage therapist!!!!

Kylene (Ky) Eckart Testimonial

I just had my first deep tissue massage by Cassandra at Wrightstown and she was amazing!  I’ve suffered with sciatica for over a decade and have chronic agitation and throbbing dull pain on my right side down to my ankle.  Cassandra knew instantly where to work...

Pat Dmochowski Testimonial

I had never felt that massages were helpful to me in the past.  However, I had gotten to the point that I needed some relief from my constant pain. Then I found Charlotte [at Rubs on Wilmot]!  She is slowly chipping away at years of accumulated stress in my upper back...

Jennifer Sprenkle Testimonial

My husband & I just had our 1st couples massage. Kate and Charlotte [at Wilmot] were awesome! My husband is already planning his next visit! Staff and environment is great! Would definitely recommend anyone looking for spa treatment to make an appointment.

Jill Testimonial

I have gone to Ravee [at Wilmot] over and over again. She is hands down the best there is! In the short amount of time in there, she gets to know your body on a completely different level and works her magic. Best experience ever!!!!