About Us

We are committed to making you happy.

Why? Because happy people live longer!

(and because happiness is contagious)

Welcome to Rubs Massage Studio! We’re a full-service massage, skin care, and waxing studio with locations across Southern Arizona.

We believe that every client is unique, and that massages should be personalized. That’s why we’re committed to matching you with the best massage therapist and treatment for your need

When you’re paired with the right therapist, massage can and will change your life for the better. Our massage therapists are trained to work with all kinds of clients, from expectant mothers to overworked athletes. We understand that everyone needs something different out of their massage, and we are prepared to make every client leave feeling MORE joyful and LESS stressed than when they walked in the door

We believe massage is restorative. Once you experience this kind of massage, you will be hooked for life on the sense of well-being that you experience after each treatment.

Massage ultimately leaves you in a state of JOY. At Rubs Massage Studio, we give you the chance to let go of your stress for 50, 80, or 110 minute intervals. You can leave what’s bothering you at home and indulge in the ultimate form of self-care.

Walk in with your burdens, your pain, and your stress and walk out with a sense of relaxation and wellbeing that will last for days to come.

We could all use a little more JOY. See our list of locations to find the Rubs Massage Studio closest to you. If you’re ready to experience the bliss of massage for yourself, you can book an appointment online here.

Join Rubs Massage Studio in the happiness revolution!

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Rubs Massage Studio owner

About the Owner

Hi, I am Shelene Taylor

– the founder of Rubs Massage Studio, Spa Solai, and IAMBIZ.

I feel really lucky. I was born happy and my natural optimism ended up turning me into an accidental entrepreneur. You know how life is – some challenges just make you want to skip town, and that was my plan when I received my massage license in 1983. While waiting for the cruise ships to call back, I took a job in Tucson – my hometown – and two months later the owners decided to close the business down. I was faced with a difficult decision: go out and look for another job (the cruise ships had not yet called) or take a chance on taking over the place. Since I had already established some return clientele and there were few massage clinics in the area, I decided to take over the lease. And just like that I was the owner of a business.

I worked seven days a week – did massage six days a week and cleaned (and cried) on the seventh – wearing all the hats of a small business owner. I will never claim that it was easy. But I knew my work was worth it every time I saw the transformation in my clients: seeing each person come in with stress and pain etched into their faces and bodies, and then seeing them leave released from that suffering, was – and still is – extremely heartwarming. Three decades later, I still love this business with a passion. We have grown a lot over the years, and will continue to grow. But one thing remains a constant – witnessing that incredible change in people never gets old.

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