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Rubs Provides:

  • EXPERIENCED Based Start Pay.
  • PERFORMANCE Based Raises.
  • Effective and proven marketing strategies.
  • FREE CEs – up to 24 per year.
  • Everything is supplied so that you can focus on what you do best!
  • Health insurance available.
  • Recognition Programs
  • Team atmosphere with talented and dedicated massage therapists.
  • Direct Deposit.
  • Discounted services and products.
  • Free internal training classes, coaching and mentoring.

Rubs knows massage, and it knows what it takes to succeed as a massage therapist – this is one of the things that sets Rubs apart in the market. Rubs was founded by a massage therapist, Shelene Taylor. Shelene, building on her own experience as a massage therapist, developed a unique business model that has grown into a thriving company we know as Rubs Massage Studios today. At the center of this business model are our therapists. Rubs really believes that one of the best things for company development is to support the growth of our therapists. Shelene knows the challenges that exist for new therapists as well as those working to build their careers. She also knows the unique opportunities a career in massage therapy can offer, and what it takes to hone the skills necessary to be a successful therapist.

The Rubs concept was created to meet the growing demand for quality massage and skincare services while providing a safe and reputable environment for therapists to practice. As a massage therapist or esthetician at Rubs, you have a built-in support network designed to encourage, facilitate, and develop your skills, experience, and professionalism.

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Rubs believes in continuing education, mentoring, and performance-based pay. We base our starting pay on your skillset and life experience. All raises are performance-based.

Communication and team work are essential at Rubs. Cooperation between the desk staff, management and therapists is important in maintaining the thriving business.

If you’re a licensed massage therapist and/or esthetician and are interested in pursuing a career with Rubs, give us a call!

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Feedback from employees

Mykul Therapist Testimonial

In 2003 when I began searching for a massage community to join, I found myself facing more rejections than job opportunities. When explanations were forthcoming I discovered, to my shock, that it was because I was male. ‘We don’t have any openings for a male therapist at this time,’ or as another employer phrased it for clarity ‘My client base won’t support a male therapist’. That wasn’t the case with Rubs. And in the years since, through good times, and recessions (which we weathered without store closings or lay-offs) and through re-brandings (from Changes to Rubs), I’ve seen opportunity given to many men to grow in our profession. It is my appreciation for that, among others things, which has kept me with Rubs for the last seven and a half years.


Tina Therapist Testimonial

I came to Rubs right out of school & have been here since then. It was July 7, 2006. I have always enjoyed being here, because there is a homey feeling here. The fellow employees have always been nice and easy to get along with and the clients are also nice. I plan on being here for as long as the company will have me.


Brandy Therapist Testimonial

I graduated from Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in 2006. I have been working as a massage therapist at Rubs Massage Studio for 4 ½ years. I specialize in neck and shoulder work, injury management and rehabilitation, myofascial massage and massage & cancer. Rubs has given me the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients that I have learned greatly from. I consistently remain busy and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!


Pam Therapist Testimonial

I am a therapist of 22 years, and if you are looking for a place to work that handles the business end for you . . . RUBS is where you want to be. I don’t have to worry about scheduling, confirming appointments, laundry, lotions, music, marketing, maintaining a website . . . it is all done for me! I come to do the work I have a passion for, and then I can call it a day and head for home


Patti Therapist Testimonial

I am grateful for the amazing journey I have had here for the past 8 years and I am thankful that Rubs has provided an environment with such wonderful staff, where such important work can be done.


Susan Therapist Testimonial

As a therapist, Rubs has afforded me the opportunity to get a tremendous amount of hands-on experience with clients. The best way to broaden your skills is to work on as many bodies as possible, and this is an environment where that will happen. Additionally, Rubs provides a safe, clean atmosphere in which to build your career. Inappropriate behavior on behalf of clients is not tolerated and you will always be given the opportunity to feel safe while you are working. For those looking for CEU’s, classes are periodically provided free of charge.


Gwen Therapist Testimonial

I have been working for this company for 18 years. They have created an incredible environment for me to do the work that I love. I have been treated well and with respect from the administrative staff and I look forward to going to work every day. With the professional environment they provide, I have been able to build a great career.


Flame Therapist Testimonial

I have been working for rubs since I moved to Tucson from L.A. After six years, I have great clients, a wonderful boss, and a safe, friendly environment to work and grow. I appreciate the lack of stress and drama, no obligatory staff meetings or unnecessary rules. I come to work happy and relaxed and that is the healing atmosphere I want for my clients. From the front desk to the newly hired, all members of the rubs staff are treated fairly and with respect. Positive energy is contagious, ask our satisfied clients!