A great massage experience calls for a great massage therapist. Although having the proper training, certification, and licenses to safely massage patients is important, there is more to being a great massage therapist than just learning the techniques. At Rubs Massage Studio , we spend time selecting our massage therapists to make sure our team is the best of the best, and we’re always happy to help match our clients to the best therapist for them. What should you look for when you’re selecting a massage therapist? Here are some of the qualities that make a therapist great.

Interpersonal Skills

Massage therapists must be adept at working with many different kinds of clients with a variety of different needs and preferences. Ensuring that clients feel comfortable and relaxed requires special interpersonal skills, including a strong ability to recognize social cues and a willingness to cheerfully answer questions. A great massage therapist will easily recognize clients who want to talk during their treatments and those who want to be quiet, and they will be able to communicate with clients during treatment about the techniques they are using without disrupting the relaxing experience. Overall, a great massage therapist makes every client feel completely comfortable and at ease during their appointments.

Dexterity and Stamina

Giving a massage requires complex techniques and is physically demanding. A great massage therapist is up to the task. Manual dexterity is a crucial skill for massage therapists, as treatments involve a complicated series of maneuvers that have to feel seamless to the client. Performing a massage also requires a great deal of hand strength and the ability to be active for up to 90 minutes without being out of breath.

Customer Service Skills

Massage spas have to cater to the needs of their customers without fail. People who book massage appointments are typically coming in to feel relaxed and get a break from the demands of their lives, so it’s important to create an environment in which they can get that breather. A great massage therapist is hyper-focused on their clients’ needs and comforts and will not let distractions, such as personal text messages, disrupt the calm environment they are creating. Great massage therapists also adjust their treatments in response to feedback from clients and personalize services to meet different clients’ needs.

At Rubs Massage Studio, we believe we have the best team of massage therapists around, because our clients tell us so. Find out for yourself by booking an appointment online at one of our Tucson-area massage spas. We are also happy to help you find the right massage therapists for your specific needs, so let our team know if you need assistance when we contact you to arrange your visit.